Frequently asked questions

Why bamboo?


How do I know if the bike is safe for my child? Are the KaboogaBike products tested?

The KaboogaBike prototype has been extensively tested since October 2014. As part of the development we aim to apply for the CE marking (EU products safety label), thus making sure that the bike conforms to all safety norms prescribed by the European commission. Furthermore, we are closely working with experienced Dutch toy and bicycle retailers to make sure that the KaboogaBike meets the needs of modern parents and children.


Where does the bamboo come from?

The bamboo we use is imported from Vietnam. It is a special type of ‘massive’ bamboe (dendrocalamus strictus) that grows only in Asia.


Where is the KaboogaBike assembled?

After the bamboo sticks are imported from Vietnam, they have to be pre-fabricated and the whole product finally tested and packed. Our aim is to have the pre-fabrication and final assembly take place in social workshops in the Netherland. We are currently in contact with various social workplaces in Amsterdam.


Does the KaboogaBike come with any warranty?

KaboogaBike offers a 1 year warranty against manufacturer's defects on the bike’s bamboo frame and 1 year on other parts (tubes, tires, wheels). To validate your warranty, you must email the warranty number and warranty letter within 45 days since receiving your KaboogaBike.


What countries do you deliver to?

We ship to all EU/EEA countries.


How long does the delivery/shipping take?

The parcel shipping within EU usually takes 7 - 14 days.


Is there any return policy?

You may return your product within 7 days of delivery for an exchange or store credit. Please note that we don’t provide refunds.